Voter Registration

Voter Registration Records

The bi-partisan Chaves County Board of Registration and the County Clerk's Office have completed the biennial maintenance of the official eligible voter list, as required by federal and state law.  This regular maintenance removes inactive voters from the list, which helps ensure the integrity of and reduce the cost of elections.

New Mexico conducts its voter list maintenance procedures through the Office of the Secretary of State, which contracts with a National Change of Address (NCOA) program vendor.  The entire state voter file is compared to the United States Postal Service's records.  Any registered voter who appears to have changed address from the voter's precinct of registration is sent a notice and return card with which to update their information.

Voters are only removed from the eligible voter list if they fail to respond to the notice and have not voted or appeared to vote in any election from the date of the notice through the day after the second general election that occurs after the date of the notice.  In addition, the Board or Registration, a bi-partisan body appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, must approve of the removal of a voter from the eligible voter list.  Board of Registration approval provides and independent check on the process.

Voters may check their registration information online at Voter View,, by calling the County Clerk's Office or visiting the County Clerk's Office in person at #1 Saint Mary's Place, Roswell, NM.

A voter's registration information can be updated using a voter registration form, which are pre-addressed with postage pre-paid.  Forms can be obtained by calling or visiting the County Clerk's Office.  The voter just needs to completely fill out the voter registration form, sign it, date it, and mail it back to the County Clerk's Office.  It's that easy!

Now is also a great time for new voters to register and for those removed from the voter list to re-register.  A voter must make changes or register 28 days BEFORE an election.  For more information, contact the Chaves County Clerk's Office.

Remember, it's your responsibility to keep your voter record updated!

Voter Registration

Inquiring to the status of your voter registration in Chaves County is as easy as calling your County Clerk at (575) 624-6614.
-OR- Visit the New Mexico Secretary of State's Voter View at  What information can you find in Voterview?
  • Registrant details - voting status, address, party affiliation, precinct, polling location
  • Voting Districts
  • Your personal election Voting History

You May Register To Vote If You Are:

  • A resident of New Mexico
  • A citizen of the United States
  • Eighteen years old or older at the time of the next election
  • Not legally declared mentally incapacitated
  • Not a convicted felon, or a felon who has completed all of the terms and conditions of sentencing

Where to Register

  • Chaves County Clerk's Office Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Secretary of State's Office
  • Any County Clerk's Office in New Mexico
  • Through a Third Party Registrant Agent
  • Motor Vehicle Department, Human Services Department, Public Libraries, Colleges, Universities, and at organized voter registration drives
  • ONLINE at

You may request an application for voter registration be mailed to you by calling (575) 624-6614

How To Register

  • You must completely fill out an application for voter registration and sign it.
  • Be sure to: Answer all questions, including the citizenship and age questions.
  • A Social Security Number and physical address where you live are required in order to register to vote in New Mexico. (A PO Box may be used for a mailing address).

First Time Registrants

If you are registering for the first time in New Mexico, and you submit the registration form by mail, you must also submit a copy of
  • A current and valid photo identification; or
  • A current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, student identification card or other government document, including identification issued by an Indian nation, tribe or pueblo that shows your name and current address.

*If you do not submit one of these forms of identification with your mailed-in, first time registration, you will be required to present one of the forms of identification when voting in person or absentee.

​Reasons Why A Voter Registration Application Could Be Rejected

  • Social Security Number is not provided.
  • The application is not signed.
  • The citizenship and age boxes are not checked.
  • A physical address or description of residence, such as a map or the;
  • Latitude/Longitude is not provided.

Rejected applications are returned to the applicant with a letter of rejection, explanation, and a blank application for voter registration.

When To Register

Voter registration applications can be submitted at any time. The Voter registration books close 28 days BEFORE an election. Be sure to get your application submitted in a timely manner so you don't miss out on voting!!

Update My Voter Registration

Voters can update their registration information in the following ways:

Visiting the Chaves County Clerk's Office Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at
#1 St. Mary's Place, Roswell, NM
Through the Secretary of State's Office;
Through County Clerks' Offices statewide;
Through a third-party registrant agent;
As a state Motor Vehicle Department office, Human Services Department office, public libraries, colleges, universities, and at organized voter registration drives.
You may also also request an application for voter registration be mailed to you be calling
(575) 624-6614.

Choosing A Political Party

Qualified Political Parties in New Mexico
    Major Parties
    • New Mexico Democratic Party
    • New Mexico Republican Party
    Minor Parties
    • Constitution Party of New Mexico
    • Independent American Party of New Mexico
    • Libertarian Party of New Mexico
    • Green Party of New Mexico
You can also register as "Declined to State."

New Mexico is a closed Primary state. Registering to vote for a party other than a Major Party or Declining to State a party disqualifies you from voting in a Primary election.